Ivy Rose - Designs
About Ivy Rose Designs

An unwavering belief that everyone should be free to wear whatever makes them happy is what inspired me, Rachel Haggerty, to design clothing in the beginning. The onslaught of media bombarding women and girls with “rules” for the purpose of selling us all on the idea that we'll never be “good enough” or “pretty enough” or “young enough” is what keeps me designing now. Creating outfits for women that help them see that they are gorgeous wherever they are in their lives is why I do this. For the woman in the workplace, to the mom next door, high school grad to wedding day, bride or mother of the groom, or grandmother, imagine a garment created just for you. Using top quality fabrics and personal attention to detail, each piece is designed and stitched top to bottom by one person. With 20+ years experience and a unique look at individual preferences, I can create the clothing you deserve to wear.

 An Ivy Rose garment is truly a work of art to be treasured.

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